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Texas Workers’ Compensation News

Cash Advances In Texas Workers Comp Cases

During the course of a workers’ compensation claim, many injured workers’ find it difficult to make ends meet on just their weekly workers’ compensation checks. It can be both difficult and frustrating to wait and see if your weekly check is going to arrive on time in...

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Texas Workers Comp Adjusters Are Not Your Friend

Time after time injured workers feel that they can handle their worker’s comp claim because they are being assisted by their adjusters, however don’t be fooled! The adjuster on a worker’s comp claim does not work for you. They work for your employer's insurance...

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Company Doctors in Texas Workers’ Comp Cases

Company doctors are one of the first medical providers that injured workers encounter after being hurt on the job. Employers lie to injured workers and tell them that they must treat with a company doctor. Employers tell injured workers that they have no choice. It is...

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