Nikki Miller recently scored a big win against a corrupt employer and the insurance company after denying workers’ compensation benefits based on the employer’s lies and intimidation of the injured employee.

Nikki represented a client who hired our firm after suffering a severe hand injury on the job. The employer immediately pressured the injured worker to say he slammed his hand in a door at home, when in fact, his hand was crushed at work. The client, under duress and simply trying to be a good employee, initially did what the employer instructed him to do, telling the company doctor he had injured his hand at home. It didn’t take long, however, for the client to realize that his employer did not truly have his best interest in mind. After realizing his boss was not going to completely follow through on medical bills, lost wages, and future treatments, the injured worker filed a workers’ compensation claim.

The workers’ comp insurance company initially denied the claim based on the notes in the medical record. Once on the case, Nikki fought with the insurance company and was able to gather the evidence necessary to show that the client had actually been injured at work, and not at home. Nikki’s client was able to have the surgery he needed, be paid for the work he missed after getting hurt, and is now eligible for lifetime medical care for his injury.

Unfortunately, employers will often avoid workers’ compensation claims by pressuring their employees to make false statements. Sometimes, employers even make outright threats to their injured employees in an effort to discourage an injured worker from filing a workers’ compensation claim.

By this and other victories for her clients, Nikki Miller continues her excellent record of top-notch representation of injured workers who are otherwise denied medical care and income benefits in the Texas Workers’ Compensation system.

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