Texas Worker’s Comp Income Benefits

Types of Income Benefits

Within the scope of the Texas Workers’ Compensation program, The term “Income Benefits” is used to describe any form of money benefit that you are eligible to receive on a weekly basis. It it may refer to income replacement benefits in the event of lost wages. Other types of income benefits include:

Temporary Income Benefits – If you’ve been hurt on the job, there’s a chance you may miss time from work. Even if you are able to continue working, there’s a chance that you won’t earn as much after your work-related injury, because of your injury. In this instance, you may be eligible to receive Temporary Income Benefits (TIBS). Read more about Temporary Income Benefits here.

Impairment Income Benefits – Additionally, you may have some permanent impairment because of your injury, even after active medical treatment has stopped. If you do have remaining impairment, then you should be compensated for your loss of impairment and function. If you are given an impairment rating, you will receive benefits called Temporary Income Benefits (IIBS) to compensate you. Read more about Impairment Income Benefits here.

Supplemental Income Benefits – If, after actively treating for your injury or illness, your impairment rating is significant, you may be entitled to Supplemental Income Benefits (SIBS) if your injury or illness prevents you from earning as much wages as you earned prior to your work-related injury or illness. Read more about Supplemental Income Benefits here.

Lifetime Income Benefits – Sometimes, an injury or illness is so severe that the injured employee is entitled to Lifetime Income Benefits (LIBS). These benefits are eligible to workers who suffered the loss of hands, feet, arms or legs, are paralyzed, were blinded, or suffered brain injury to the extent the injured worker can no longer take care of themselves. Read more about Lifetime Income Benefits here.

Death Benefits – Lastly, if a Texas worker is killed or dies as a result of a work-related injury or illness, the worker’s dependents may receive Lifetime Income Benefits on behalf of the deceased employee.

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