Should I hire a Workers Comp Lawyer?

Remember, the insurance company already has their own lawyers looking for ways to kill your case.

10 Reasons Why You Need a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Below are 10 reasons are just the top reasons why an injured worker needs to get a good workers’ compensation lawyer to represent him or her in a case. This list goes on and on as to what Insurance Carrier’s try to do to limit their liability and paid out in a claim. If you are experiencing any of the below issues or any other problems with an insurance carrier or doctor, call an attorney at Abbott, Clay & Bedoy today.

To Properly and Timely Report and File Your Claim: If you have injured yourself on the job, the first thing you need to do is report it immediately to your supervisor and request medical treatment. Many times, employers send injured workers home to rest and take a few days off before sending to a doctor. It is extremely important that you contact and attorney to get you to a doctor as soon as possible in order to document your injuries and initially diagnose your conditions. While you have up to 30 days to report an injury, the longer you wait the better chance there is for the insurance carrier to dispute your claim.

Our Attorneys Will Fight to Get Your Claim Accepted: Has your claim been denied? If so you need to call a one of our lawyers immediately. Our lawyers will find out why your claim is not being accepted and fight for you against the insurance carrier for you to receive the treatment and benefits you are entitled to for sustaining a work related injury.

To Get You Paid: If you are injured and not able to work full duty and make your pre-injury wages, our attorneys will help fight to get you paid. Even if you are working light duty, if you are not working the hours you worked prior to your injury or getting paid the overtime you normally worked, our attorneys will make sure you get paid everything you are entitled.

To Get You Paid the Most You Should Be Receiving/The Correct Amount: Even if you are getting paid, are you getting paid $850.00 a week? If not, contact one of our attorneys to see if you are being underpaid. If an insurance company can get away with paying you 40 hours a week instead of the additional 20 hours of overtime you worked, they will. If you do not get consult with one of our attorneys to make certain you are are being paid the correct amount, you are giving away money you are owed.

For You To Receive the Best Medical Treatment: Our workers’ compensation lawyers will make sure you are treating with the best doctors that will work for you and not the insurance carrier or company. You are entitled to treat with a doctor of your choosing and even if it is a network claim there are always patient friendly doctors who care about the injured worker and what is in your best interest. The insurance carrier and company want you to treat with a doctor of their choosing in order to control the case. Get one of our workers’ compensation lawyers to refer you to a doctor who will work for you.

To Make Sure the Full Extent of Injury Is Accepted: Just because you are getting paid and seeing a doctor does not mean your full injury has been accepted. If you have had a MRI or CT Scan and it shows anything more than a sprain/strain, chances are the insurance carrier is not accepting the findings of the diagnostic test. Our lawyers will make sure the full extent of your injury is accepted from the get go, so you will not have month and months of waiting if a doctor tell you, you need surgery before you can actually have the surgery. Insurance Carriers accept the most minor injury possible in order to avoid liability over major injuries. A carrier does not want to accept anything that may lead to surgery, thus if you have had a MRI or any other test that shows something is wrong, call one of our workers’ compensation lawyer to discuss what we can do for you.

To Get the Highest Impairment Rating for Your Injuries: There comes a point in every workers’ compensation claim where you reach the point of maximum medical improvement, which means you are as good as you are going to get or it has been two years from the date you first start missing time from work. At this time, you are entitled to an impairment rating for the injuries that you sustained on the job. This is a percentage between 0-100 and for each percentage point you receive 3 additional weeks of benefits. The higher the impairment rating, the more benefits you receive. Insurance Carriers like to send you to company doctors or their own doctors to give injured workers low ratings. Our attorneys will fight to get you the highest rating for your injuries and make sure you are properly evaluated and rated by a qualified doctor, and that he addresses the entire injury.

Deadlines: There are time limits on everything in workers’ compensation claims. You must report an injury to your employer within 30 days of it occurring. You must file a claim with the Division of Workers’ Compensation within 1 year of the incident occurring. You have 60 days to choose a new treating doctor if it is a non-network claim. You have 90 days to dispute a first certification of maximum medical improvement and impairment rating. Not only are there deadlines that must be met, there are certain forms that must be filled out correctly and properly filed with the Division. Missing a deadline could prevent you from moving forward and properly pursuing your claim.

To Help with Accelerations/Advances: Many times injured workers’ go through financial hardships when they are unable to work full duty and earn full wages. Our lawyers will help in these situations. If an injured worker has a payment due on a mortgage or car and may need additional funds more than the normal weekly temporary income benefits check, we will help you apply and get approved for an advance. Further, once you receive an impairment rating, you may request those benefits be accelerated or commuted to a lump sum. Our attorneys can go over every option available to you and help you receive the most money available as quickly as possible in your case.

To Make Sure the Carrier Does Not Take Advantage of You: All of the above reasons are never disclosed by the insurance carrier to the injured worker. The Carrier isn’t going to tell you, I am paying you the wrong amount or you have a right to switch to a doctor that doesn’t work for your employer or us. Our Lawyers will make sure you are protected and receive everything you are entitled to under your workers’ compensation claim.

If you don’t need a lawyer, why does the insurance company need a lawyer? If, after reading this, you still feel that you don’t need an attorney to help you with your case, then we ask you to consider this one, last thought. Every workers’ compensation claim is reviewed by licensed attorneys that work for the insurance company, who are actively looking for ways to limit the amount of income benefits and medical care that you receive for your injury or illness. So ask yourself, if you don’t need a lawyer, why does the insurance company need a lawyer?

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