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Thousands of workers are injured or even killed every year in Texas and throughout the rest of the United States. A workplace injury can mean expensive medical bills and days away from work. In some cases, a workplace injury can even lead to the end of a career and make it difficult to support yourself and your family after the injury happens.Texas law provides protection to workers who are hurt on-the-job. Depending upon whether your employer has workers’ compensation insurance coverage or not, you may be able to file a lawsuit or make a benefits claim through an employer’s workers’ compensation insurer.

Abbott, Clay & Bedoy, LLC represents clients after a work injury, helping those who have been hurt to understand their rights and use the legal system to ensure they get the compensation they deserve. Call today to schedule a free consultation with a Texas workers’ compensation lawyer to learn more.

Your Rights Under Texas Workers Compensation

In Texas, employers have the option of participating in the Texas workers’ compensation insurance system or not. Many employers participate and buy insurance coverage for workers because participation protects the employer from liability. If your employer has bought workers’ compensation insurance for you, then you may not file a lawsuit against your employer after a work injury except in limited circumstances such as if your employer intentionally hurt you.

Although you cannot file a personal injury case, you have the option instead of making a workers’ compensation claim. Workers’ compensation is more protective of workers in many ways. For example, you do not need to show that your employer did anything wrong or was negligent in order for you to get workers’ compensation benefits. You would have to prove your employer had failed to fulfill a legal obligation in order to make a personal injury claim.

In order to receive workers’ compensation benefits in Texas, you simply need to demonstrate that you got hurt or sick as a direct result of work duties. You should report your injury to your employer and should receive benefits including:

  • Payment of medical bills and expenses.
  • Wage loss payments
  • Temporary or permanent benefits for full or partial disability
  • Death benefits if a loved one was killed at work

If your employer tries to deny you any of the benefits you deserve or denies your work injury claim, you need to talk to a Texas workers’ compensation lawyer right away.

Injured on the job? Get help in Texas

Workers’ compensation covers any type of health damage you experience as a direct result of doing work tasks. This includes:

  • Injuries from accidents on or off your normal worksite.
  • Repetitive stress or overexertion injuries such as carpal tunnel or a herniated disc.
  • Illnesses from exposure to mold, asbestos, lead or other toxins on the job.

Abbott, Clay & Bedoy, LLC will review the facts and circumstances of your injury and your employment status and help you to determine if you should make a workers’ compensation claim after your work accident or if you should explore other ways to get the compensation you deserve.

Call today to speak with a Texas workers’ compensation lawyer you can trust to help with your claim.

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