Have you heard the sayings “Knowledge is Power” and “Ignorance of the law is no excuse?” You must already understand these concepts or you wouldn’t be reading this website. You must realize that you’re at a disadvantage because your employer and the insurance company know so much more about Workers’ Comp than you. In Workers’ Comp, there are two sides. On one side is the insurance company, adjusters, supervisors, managers, investigators, lawyers and doctors. Your employer is also on the insurance company’s side with their lawyers and doctors. On the other side there is you. The sides aren’t fair, are they?You can even up the sides a little by learning as much as possible about the law. By reading this website, you will learn about Workers’ Comp. You can learn even more by calling or visiting Abbott and Associates, L.L.C. We will talk to you over the telephone or in our office while you are making up your mind about whether or not to get help from a lawyer.

The main thing in Workers’ Comp is to avoid making a mistake that could cost you tens of thousands of dollars, effect your health, future and family. Don’t hesitate to call Abbott and Associates, L.L.C., even if it just to ask a question.

Workers Comp in Texas

If you are injured on the job and have to miss time from you work, your experience through a workers’ compensation (or in some states, “workman’s” compensation) system can be a nightmare. This will be one of the most difficult journeys you will go through. Typically, workers’ compensation programs are administrated by unsympathetic administrative agencies, bureaucracies, doctors, insurance adjusters, and in some cases insurance defense attorneys (most of whom will be lined up to delay or even prevent your medical recovery and reduce your earning capability).

Even though workers’ compensation law practice varies from state to state, the need for an attorney does not. Attorneys can help make sure that you receive all the income and medical benefits that you are entitled to.

The medical care you receive is also critical to your recovery and earning capability. It is important to have a doctor knowledgeable about workers’ comp laws in your state. It is also important to have a doctor that is on your side and not the side of the insurance carrier and/or employer. Your doctor will make many critical decisions about your workers’ compensation benefits including:

  • Your medical treatment
  • Which diagnostic tests are needed
  • Referral to specialists
  • Your ability to return to work or light duty restriction
  • Permanent work restrictions
  • The extent of your injury

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Insurance carriers will use any reason they can find to deny or limit claims that they are responsible to pay for. Insurance carriers are known to work with their attorneys on a daily basis looking for ways to limit your medical treatment. Do not stand against them alone.

You Need A Workers Comp Lawyer

There are those who will tell you that you did not need an attorney. Simply ask them, if I don’t need an attorney why does the insurance company need an attorney? Their silence will unmask their intent to either deprive you or not fight for all the benefits you legally and rightfully deserve.

Sustaining a work related injury is a life changing experience and a nightmare. We understand this. We are here to assist you through this difficult journey and make life a little easier. We understand that it is important to get good medical care and all the income benefits that you are entitled to.

Call us today at 1-(888)- 434-COMP. Or, if you prefer, email us at mail@theabbottfirm.com or send us an online message and we will contact you right away. Call today.