You just left physical therapy and are headed home and you notice a car following you. He turns into your neighborhood and parks across the street from your house. No one gets out. You get out of your car and go inside and don’t think twice. As an injured worker don’t fall prey to the tactics of insurance companies, many times the adjuster on your case will hire an investigator to follow you around.

Surveillance in Texas Workers’ Comp Cases

As an injured worker you may think to yourself, why in the world would someone follow me? Well the insurance company wants to try and catch you doing something beyond your restrictions so that they can cut off your benefits. Many times the investigators record injured workers unloading groceries; and although those groceries may just be bread loafs and eggs, the insurance adjuster will try to say that the injured worker’s ability to unload groceries shows that his back injury is not severe. The injured worker knows the groceries were not heavy, but that will not stop the insurance company from stopping the benefits. If you have been injured on the job do not wait until your benefits are cut off, contact a worker’s comp attorney and go over what rights you have under the Texas Worker’s Compensation Act.

Hiring a Texas worker’s compensation attorney can help alleviate those fears since they have seen this type of tactic time and time again. As long as an injured worker is not doing anything beyond the restrictions their doctor gave them there should be no basis for the insurance company to cut off benefits, and as such an experienced worker’s comp attorney can communicate with the insurance company and fight to continue an injured worker’s benefits. If the insurance carrier continues to dispute an injured worker’s right to benefit the attorney can file a request for a hearing so that a mediator can try to facilitate a resolution. If no resolution is possible then the case will get set for a trial and the attorney can present the case to a judge and show how despite the investigator’s surveillance video the injured worker is owed benefits.

There should be no reason why a person who is injured on the job should feel like a common criminal. If you feel you are being watched do not take this lightly, contact someone who can help you. Not only can a worker’s comp attorney fight to reinstate your benefits but they can also advise you on whether or not the surveillance is legitimate. Although investigators are allowed to video tape public areas there are certain instances where they are prohibiting from recording an injured worker. An injured worker needs to be aware of where an investigator can and can’t be and also be aware of the certain precautions they can take to avoid interruption of their benefits based on video tape surveillance.

Simply because you are injured on the job does not mean you give up your right to privacy and you should not live with the fear of losing your benefits if you drive to the grocery store to buy a bag of chips, contact a Texas Worker’s compensation attorney today.

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