Does Workers Comp Nurse Have To Come To Doctor Appointments?

Frequently Asked Questions

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Does the nurse case manager have to attend my doctor appointments?

Answer: No.

There is no rule that says you must allow anyone to attend your medical appointments that you do not wish to be present. The insurance adjuster may tell you that the Nurse Case Manager is there for your benefit or to make sure that you are getting the proper medical care, etc, but do not believe them. There is rarely any benefit that comes from having a paid representative of the insurance carrier present with you during your appointments with the treating doctor.

The Nurse Case Manager has one job: to limit the amount of medical benefits and income benefits that the insurance company has to pay. While you cannot prohibit the insurance carrier from communicating with your doctor about your medical condition, there is no rule that requires you to allow the Nurse Case Manager to be present during your examination and discussions with the doctor.


If your insurance adjuster tells you that the Nurse Case Manager must be present during your treating doctor examinations, call our office right away. You should not have to put up with unethical or dishonest insurance adjusters who rely on your inexperience in order to take advantage of you. Call 888-434-COMP to talk to a workers’ compensation attorney today.

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