Can I Change Workers’ Comp Insurance Adjusters?

Dealing With Workers' Comp Insurance Adjusters

It’s Workers’ Comp. It’s not fun, it’s not easy, and it’s never nice.

Can I change workers’ comp insurance adjusters?

Answer: Not usually.

Every insurance adjuster has their own “style” of handling workers’ compensation claims and dealing with injured workers. Some pretend to be nice and “on your side”, while others are openly aggressive and difficult. Other adjusters simply ignore you unless they’re absolutely forced to deal with your phone calls and emails.

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The Texas Department of Insurance sets strict standards for licensed insurance adjusters in the way they handle claims and even respond to claimants (injured workers). Still, it is rare for an insurance adjuster to be disciplined for breaking these rules and standards. When it does happen, it may result in a new adjuster being assigned to your case.

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OPINION: Workers’ Comp Insurance Adjusters Are Not Your Friend

If your insurance adjuster is ignoring your calls, or is being combative, aggressive and difficult, it may be time to consider hiring an attorney. An experienced workers’ compensation lawyer simply won’t allow an insurance adjuster to ignore issues or intimidate their clients. If your insurance adjuster is deliberately making things difficult for you and your workers’ compensation case, you should contact an experienced workers’ comp attorney right away. Call 888-434-COMP to find out how having a lawyer on your side can make life easier and your workers’ comp case better.

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