Disputing Low Impairment Ratings in Texas Workers Comp Cases

Impairment Rating disputes to an insurance company doctor (RME doctor) should be in writing, within 90 days of receiving the report. Your lawyer should file a written dispute within 90 days of when you received the Impairment Rating. You should not dispute Impairment Ratings over the telephone and your doctor cannot file the dispute for you, regardless of what anyone else says. If your Impairment Rating is not timely disputed it becomes permanent. After a dispute is filed, a Designated Doctor will be appointed to decide on MMI and Impairment. Call us before you see the Designated Doctor to avoid any Impairment Rating mistakes.

To dispute your own doctor’s Impairment Rating, your lawyer should talk with your doctor about increasing his impairment rating. If your doctor refuses, your lawyer can file the necessary forms and request a Benefit Review Conference. You have 90 days to dispute your own doctor or the Impairment Rating becomes final.

To dispute a State Designated Doctor (DD) Impairment Rating, your lawyer should talk with your doctor about writing a letter to the state, stating why the Impairment Rating is incorrect. The state should then write the DD to asking to reconsider the rating. If the DD refuses to reconsider or change the rating your lawyer can request a BRC to challenge the rating. You must dispute the DD before the end of the 1st Quarter of SIBS or lose your right to do so.

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