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Can A Workers Comp Private Investigator Follow Me?

You just left physical therapy and are headed home and you notice a car following you. He turns into your neighborhood and parks across the street from your house. No one gets out. You get out of your car and go inside and don’t think twice. As an injured worker don’t...

Texas Workers’ Comp Employee Benefits

Do you know if you are receiving the proper amount of weekly Texas Workers Comp Employee Benefits from the Insurance Carrier? If you are not receiving $938.00 in Temporary Income Benefits (TIBs) you need to contact a Texas Workers’ Comp attorney immediately because...

Company Doctors in Workers’ Compensation Cases

If you get injured on the job, more than likely your employer sent you to a doctor to get examined and to receive initial treatment for your injuries. Many injured workers are obviously thankful for what they see as their employer extending help to them and looking...

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