It’s important to make sure that you’re getting the right amount of income benefits. We would be happy to talk to you and help you know whether or not you’re being shortchanged on your benefit TIBS, IIBS & SIBS Checks. Contact a Texas Workers Comp Lawyer today by calling the Abbott & Associates law firm.

Temporary Income Benefits (TIBS)

If, because of your injury, you are unable to earn as much, you will receive income replacement benefits, or “Temporary Income Benefits” or “TIBS”.

TIBS are paid for up to the first two years of your claim at 70% of your Average Weekly Wage. The current maximum TIBS check is $861.00 per week, and the minimum is $81.00 per week. This amount usually increases on September 1 of each year, but only for those injured after the increase.

If you are not getting $861.00 per week, call us to see if we can increase your check. In some limited circumstances you may be able to extend your TIBS eligibility beyond two years! Your TIBS will stop when you return to work, or when have reached your maximum medical improvement (MMI), or if you receive an impairment rating. Don’t cut your own Comp check by taking a premature MMI date or impairment rating!

Click here to see the maximum (and minimum) rates of compensation by year.

Impairment Income Benefits (IIBS)

Upon reaching MMI, an impairment rating needs to be given so that your benefits can continue. For each percentage point of impairment you are entitled to 3 weeks of Comp at the IIBS weekly rate.

For example, if your impairment rating is 15%, multiply 15 x 3 = 45 weeks of IIBS. The maximum IIBS rate is 70% of the maximum TIBS rate. The current maximum IIBS check is $602.00 per week. You may dispute any impairment rating given by any doctor.

WARNING – The law can prevent you from disputing an impairment rating after a certain point. DO NOT WAIT until your benefits have permanently ended to seek help.

Supplemental Income Benefits (SIBS)

SIBS are available to those who: (1) receive a 15% impairment rating or higher, (2) do not commute IIBS to a lump sum, and (3) are not working, or (4) are working but earn less than 80% of their average weekly wage. Workers must apply within the final 2 weeks of the 3 months before a SIBS quarter.

SIBS function much like unemployment benefits in the sense that… if you have any ability to work you must make a good faith effort to find employment within your restrictions. You must provide proof that you have looked for employment with companies that have jobs available with these restrictions. To continue receiving SIBS you must continue to apply every three months. If the carrier disputes your SIBS you can request a BRC.

Maximum SIBS is 70% of maximum TIBS rate. If you win a disputed quarter the carrier pays for your attorney’s fees, not you.

If your hourly wage is less than $8.50, for the first 26 weeks then you will receive 75% and then 70% after 26 weeks. If you earn more than $8.50 per hour it’s simply 70%