What Are Supplemental Income Benefits after a Work Injury?

At the time you are given an impairment rating, you may also become eligible for supplemental income benefits after a Texas work injury. These benefits will provide you with additional income above-and-beyond what you receive for your Impairment Income Benefits.

Supplemental Income Benefits are available to you only if you receive an impairment rating of 15 percent or greater. The impairment rating is assigned by your physician based on the lasting physical damage that has been done to you body as a result of the illness or injury caused by your job.

Supplemental injury benefits after a work injury in Texas may be paid to you for as long as 401 weeks. This means that you may get these benefits for a longer period of time than either temporary income benefits or impairment income benefits. The amount of money you receive through your supplemental income benefits can be substantial and can help to ensure that you have enough income to take care of yourself and your loved ones despite being hurt.

Unfortunately, it is very common for physicians to assign an impairment rating of 14 percent in order to avoid triggering eligibility for supplemental income benefits after a work injury in Texas. If you believe your impairment rating is lower than it should be, you need to talk to a lawyer for help getting the benefits you deserve. Contact a Texas workers’ compensation lawyer at Abbott and Associates, L.L.C. for assistance today.

When a work injury has made it impossible for you to do your job, it is natural to be frightened about how you will find the financial resources to take care of yourself and your family. While you can sometimes file a lawsuit, you will not be able to sue your employer if you are covered by workers’ compensation. Instead, you will have medical bills covered and receive disability income through Texas workers’ compensation.

Workers compensation can provide either temporary or ongoing disability benefits in the event that your injury has stopped you from working at all or has reduced your earning potential by limiting the tasks you can do.  There are different kinds of work injury benefits, including supplemental income benefits after a work injury in Texas. You need to understand the benefits you are entitled to, and often this means that you will need to get help from a Texas work injury attorney. Abbott and Associates, L.L.C. has helped many clients throughout the state and we are here to fight for you and work to ensure you get the full amount of benefits you deserve.

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