At some point during your workers’ compensation case, you will reach the point of Maximum Medical Improvement (or MMI). In short, MMI is just a fancy way of saying “as good as you’re going to get”.  For most injured workers, reaching MMI is the result of medical treatment and/or post-injury therapy.  For others, however, they will be considered to have legally reached MMI if they are still actively treating for their injuries 2 years after they began to lose time from work.

After reaching MMI, either through improvement, or by law after having been off work for 2 years, an injured worker will be examined by a doctor to determine the injured employee’s Impairment Rating.  Basically, the impairment rating (or IR) is the measure of the injured employee’s physical limitations and whole-person impairment that still exists.

The idea behind an impairment rating is simple: even though the injured worker is considered to be “as good as they’re going to get”, that doesn’t always mean that the patient is “all better”.  The impairment rating should reflect the difference between how impaired the body is, even after all appropriate medical steps have been taken.  The higher your workers comp impairment rating, the higher your Impairment Benefits (IIBS) settlement.

Don’t overlook the psychological aspect of injuries. You could deserve additional impairment for psychological in addition to your physical impairment. Have you suffered from stress, worry, anxiety, depression, felt worthless or experienced relationship problems?

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