After a work injury, you will need a “treating doctor” who provides you with medical care, coordinates treatment and takes care of compliance with workers’ compensation requirements.  Your doctor not only needs to help you recover from your injuries, but also will play an instrumental role in determining the type of workers’ compensation benefits you receive. As a result, it is essential that you choose your physician wisely.

Your employer or the workers’ compensation may try to pressure you to choose a physician that acts in the company’s best interests rather than focusing on what is right for you. This can have a detrimental effect on your long-term prognosis as well as on the workers’ compensation benefits you receive. You need to be smart about the doctor that you select and an experienced Texas workers’ compensation lawyer at Abbott & Associates L.L.C. will help you to ensure that you are getting the medical care you need and deserve.

Your Workers Comp Doctor Impacts Your Benefits 

In addition to providing you with basic medical care, your doctor also does a lot of other things for you when you have suffered a work injury. For example, your treating physician will make decisions on:

  • What medical tests you need. Your treating physician must recommend you undergo a medical test in order for it to be paid for by workers’
  • What specialists you should see. Workers’ compensation medical benefits should pay for 100 percent of treatment you need, including seeing specialists. Your treating doctor should make sure you get the professional care you need.
  • When you are cleared to return to work, and whether you should be on light duty. If you are cleared to return to your old job or to a light duty position, then your disability benefits will end. It is imperative you are not cleared to return to work too soon.
  • What temporary or permanent work restrictions apply. If your employer offers you a light duty job or a job you can do with restrictions, your disability benefits are reduced. As a result, you want to ensure your doctor is thorough when determining what limitations you have.
  • What your impairment rating is. Your impairment rating determines the income you receive through workers’ compensation, and whether you are eligible for supplemental income benefits.

You want to ensure that your doctor makes these and other decisions with your best interests in mind and not with the best interests of the company as his primary focus. If your physician is overly concerned about what the insurance company expects or if you feel you are not getting the very best of medical care, you need to be proactive about protecting your health.

Getting Help from a Houston, TX Workers Compensation Lawyer 

At Abbott & Associates L.L.C. our experienced Texas workers’ compensation lawyers will help you to ensure you have a good doctor who is looking out for you. We will fight to make sure you get the full workers’ compensation benefits you deserve, including all necessary medical treatment. Call today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how we can help you.