Workers compensation benefits are available to most Texas workers who get hurt on the job, as well as to family members who are killed at work. If you are hurt or sick due to your work duties, a Texas workers’ compensation lawyer at Abbott & Associates LLC can help you to determine if you are entitled to compensation benefits.

In many situations, you are not allowed to sue your employer after you have suffered a work injury. This may mean that compensation benefits are the only way you can get money for medical treatment and other losses after you get hurt while doing work. Abbott & Associates LLC can evaluate your situation, help determine if you are eligible for benefits, and assist you in applying for coverage. Benefits disputes are also very common and our experienced attorneys will use our legal knowledge to help ensure you get the full amount of benefits you deserve. Call today to learn more.

Texas Workers Comp Benefits for Injured Workers 

There are a variety of different type of compensation benefits available to you after a workplace injury. If you can show you are sick or hurt because of your job, you should receive:

  • Medical coverage. All necessary medical treatment to treat your workplace injury or illness should be covered. You may also be able to secure coverage for adaptive medical devices, nursing care, and transportation to medical appointments.
  • Income benefits. If your injury has reduced earning ability or has caused you to be unable to work, you should receive temporary or ongoing compensation benefits to provide for yourself and your family. Your income benefits may be based on your average weekly wages before you got hurt, as well as your level of impairment, depending upon the type of benefits you are receiving.

In the event that a worker is killed on the job, his or her surviving family members will also receive compensation benefits. These benefits include:

  • Burial expenses: Workers’ compensation should provide coverage for at least a portion of the deceased’s funeral and burial.
  • Death benefits: Death benefits cover a part of the income that the deceased is no longer able to contribute to the family due to his untimely death.

These compensation benefits should be available as long as your employer purchased workers’ compensation insurance and as long as you can show that the injury or death is due to your job. You can recover compensation benefits both after an accident and if you were exposed to chemicals or toxins that made you sick. You may also receive compensation benefits for things like repetitive stress injuries and accidents off-site. Abbott & Associates LLC will help you to prove you are entitled to compensation benefits if you have a covered workplace injury or illness.

Getting Legal Help – Texas Workers Comp Benefits 

Compensation benefits are supposed to provide for you and ensure you do not face financial problems due to getting hurt because of work.  Unfortunately, you may have a legitimate claim for benefits denied or the workers’ compensation insurer may try to deny you some of the benefits you deserve. Call today to speak with  Houston, TX work injury lawyer who will do everything possible to help you get the benefits you deserve.