Texas workers’ compensation provides different types of benefits for injured workers who get hurt on-the-job. If a worker is not able to continue working or is on restricted duty due to his injuries, the employee can receive disability benefits. If the worker has suffered an injury or developed an illness that necessitates medical attention, the worker can also get medical care covered by workers’ compensation.

Not every work injury makes it impossible to work. In some cases, you may be hurt badly enough to need medical attention but not so badly that your ability to have a job is affected.  If this happens to you, it is still very important to notify your employer of your work injury right away. You can get workers’ compensation benefits to cover medical care after an accidental injury even if no weekly cash benefits are paid. You should be eligible for coverage for medical bills provided you notified your employer within 30 days of the injury and provided you can show that your injury is work-related.

A Houston, TX workers’ compensation lawyer can help you to make a claim for medical care after an accidental injury at work. Call Abbott and Associates, L.L.C. today to learn more.

Receiving Medical Care After an Accidental Injury at Work

The Texas Department of Insurance makes clear that medical benefits after an accidental injury at work should begin immediately after you have been harmed. If your employer participates in a certified workers’ compensation health care network, then you must obtain all medical treatment from a provider within that network. This requirement is in effect only if you live within the service area of the network and you have received a copy of notice about the network. Your employer and insurance carrier will provide you with a list of covered physicians to choose from, and all treatment you receive from that provider should be paid.

If you have suffered a major injury that needs immediate medical treatment, you may get emergency care from any doctor and your emergency care should be covered by workers’ compensation.

If your employer and/or insurer does not have a network of providers, then you have the right to choose who your initial doctor will be. You can choose any licensed physician as long as that provider has not been denied admission or removed from the Department of Workers’ Compensation approved doctor list.  If you decide you wish to make a change to your physician, you will need to make a request and have the change cleared through the field office handling your claim if you want medical benefits after an accidental injury to continue being paid.

Employees are encouraged to work whenever possible while still receiving medical benefits.  Even if you never take any time off work, your medical care should be covered in full as long as you show your injury happened due to work.

Call a Houston, TX workers’ compensation lawyer at Abbott and Associates, L.L.C. today to learn more about how you can apply for workers’ compensation coverage for medical care after an accidental injury at work.

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