About Abbott & Associates LLC

About Abbott & Associates
LLC – Workers’ Comp Lawyers

Abbott & Associates, LLC is arguably the largest workers’ compensation law firm (claimants’ representative) in the state of Texas. Our team of lawyers travels the entire state in an effort to help our clients get the medical care and income benefits they deserve.

Our reputation is strong and our lawyers are experienced in all aspects of workers’ compensation law, representing clients from all occupations. Since 1997, Abbott & Associates LLC has aggressively represented more than 10,000 injured Texas workers and has traveled more than a combined 450,000 miles across the state to attend conferences and hearings on behalf of our clients.

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Commitment Goals to Our Clients:

  • We will never settle the case without the client’s permission.
  • All communications (emails and phone calls) are returned timely.
  • We will never ask our clients to pay us write us a check. All fees are paid to us straight from the insurance carrier according to Texas law.
  • We will do our best to ensure our clients receive the medical care they need.
  • We will fight to make sure our clients receive the right amount of weekly income benefits.
  • We will make sure the client is fairly represented against employers and their powerful insurance companies

How are we different?

Our attorneys have broad legal knowledge and years of experience in injury claims, which provides you with the best representation possible. We have built relationships with the finest doctors and medical facilities throughout Texas to make sure our clients receive the best medical treatment for their injuries. Whether you need a chiropractor, physical therapist, orthopedist, neurologist, neurosurgeon, psychologist or psychiatrist, or any other specialist to treat your specific injuries, we will get you in with that specialist.

Our clients do not pay out of pocket for any of their medical treatment or legal fees. These expenses are paid through the insurance company we believe is liable for your injuries or at the end of a case when it either settles or a judgment is rendered in court.

Why Abbott & Associates L.L.C.?

The combination of experienced legal representation and personalized service we offer injury victims sets us apart. If you choose us to handle your personal injury or wrongful death claim, you can count on speaking directly to your attorney, who will make sure you have as much information as possible so you can make informed decisions about how to proceed with your claim.

Our clients are our number-one priority, and we welcome the opportunity to demonstrate that for you. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation with a lawyer from our Houston workers’ compensation law firm.

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Main Office: 713-223-1234
Toll Free: 888-434-2667

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