What to Do After a Texas Workers’ Compensation Injury

In Texas, you are required to notify your supervisor or someone in a supervisory role after sustaining an injury on the job.  You should do this in person and document this in writing as well, either by email, text, or if you fill out an incident report with your employer ask for a copy.   In a Texas Workers’ Compensation claim, you only have 30 days to report a work related injury; however, if you wait a week or two before reporting your injury, the insurance carrier will more than likely … [Read more...]

Extent of Injury Disputes in Workers Compensation Cases

Prior to your work-related injury, you were working full-time, without restrictions, and had an active personal life with your family and friends. However, the insurance carrier has told you that your current pain and injury are preexisting conditions or an ordinary disease life. Despite your treating doctor, the specialist, and medical testing clearly indicating that you sustained a severe work-related injury the insurance is limiting your work-related injury to a simple sprain, strain or … [Read more...]

Denied Treatment in Texas Workers Compensation Claim

To an injured worker, one of the most important aspects of their workers’ compensation claim is medical treatment. If medical treatment for an injury is delayed, that usually means that the injured worker is delayed in being able to get back to work. If medical treatment for an injury is denied, that usually means that an injured worker not only has to wait longer to get back to work, but if the denials go on for an extended period of time, may mean that the injured worker will never be able to … [Read more...]

Texas Workers’ Comp Employee Benefits

Do you know if you are receiving the proper amount of weekly Texas Workers Comp Employee Benefits from the Insurance Carrier? If you are not receiving $818.00 in Temporary Income Benefits (TIBs) you need to contact a Texas Workers’ Comp attorney immediately because you could qualify for more than you think.Texas Workers Comp Employee Benefits are calculated by looking at the gross amount of wages you made for the thirteen (13) weeks before your injury. The week you were injured does not count in … [Read more...]

Company Doctors in Workers’ Compensation Cases

If you get injured on the job, more than likely your employer sent you to a doctor to get examined and to receive initial treatment for your injuries. Many injured workers are obviously thankful for what they see as their employer extending help to them and looking out for their employees. However, as so often occurs things are not always what they appear. What could be wrong with seeing a doctor? Doctors help people and should be trusted.While this is usually true there are certain situations … [Read more...]

When Texas Workers Comp Adjusters Won’t Return Your Call

You have been injured on the job and have been to the doctor, received some initial medical treatment and have started receiving paperwork from the insurance company about your injuries. In this mountain of paperwork that will be mailed to you, the insurance company is going to inform you that an adjuster has been assigned to handle your claim. Many injured workers’ will read the paperwork and believe the information provided to them by the insurance carrier, that the adjuster is assigned to … [Read more...]

Cash Advances In Texas Workers Comp Cases

During the course of a workers’ compensation claim, many injured workers’ find it difficult to make ends meet on just their weekly workers’ compensation checks. It can be both difficult and frustrating to wait and see if your weekly check is going to arrive on time in the mail. Then, once you receive the workers’ compensation check, the amount of the check may not even be enough to cover your bills.The insurance company and adjuster usually don’t tell an injured worker that they can apply for a … [Read more...]

Texas Workers Comp Lawyer Proves Carpal Tunnel Caused By Job

In this case, a Texas Workers’ Compensation Lawyer set out to prove an injured worker's injury included carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) in her right hand. The insurance company disagreed, protesting that the injured worker was somehow trying to "change her theory of recovery" to include supposedly new symptoms. The Texas Workers’ Compensation attorney argued (successfully) that the later symptoms were linked to the initial injury.The lawyer first convinced a hearing officer that the injured … [Read more...]

Adjusters In Texas Workers Compensation Claims

Time after time injured workers feel that they can handle their worker’s comp claim because they are being assisted by their adjusters, however don’t be fooled! The adjuster on a worker’s comp claim does not work for you they work for your company.Adjusters are not your friends they are your foes. Adjusters are not taking into account your best interests instead their job is to minimize liability and keep costs low.Many times injured workers believe that simply because they are receiving … [Read more...]

Denied Medical Care in Texas Workers’ Compensation Cases

You have been injured on the job. You have done exactly what you thought you were supposed to do. You notified your supervisor, filled out the paperwork they told you to fill out, and even went to the doctor that they asked you to go to. You have had a few appointments, and now, at one of your appointments your doctor tells you that the insurance company will not pay for the medical treatment that they have requested. That there is nothing that they can do and that you should probably just go … [Read more...]