Texas Workers Comp Lawyer Proves Carpal Tunnel Caused By Job

In this case, a Texas Workers’ Compensation Lawyer set out to prove an injured worker's injury included carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) in her right hand. The insurance company disagreed, protesting that the injured worker was somehow trying to "change her theory of recovery" to include supposedly new symptoms. The Texas Workers’ Compensation attorney argued (successfully) that the later symptoms were linked to the initial injury.The lawyer first convinced a hearing officer that the injured … [Read more...]

Adjusters In Texas Workers Compensation Claims

Time after time injured workers feel that they can handle their worker’s comp claim because they are being assisted by their adjusters, however don’t be fooled! The adjuster on a worker’s comp claim does not work for you they work for your company.Adjusters are not your friends they are your foes. Adjusters are not taking into account your best interests instead their job is to minimize liability and keep costs low.Many times injured workers believe that simply because they are receiving … [Read more...]

Denied Medical Care in Texas Workers’ Compensation Cases

You have been injured on the job. You have done exactly what you thought you were supposed to do. You notified your supervisor, filled out the paperwork they told you to fill out, and even went to the doctor that they asked you to go to. You have had a few appointments, and now, at one of your appointments your doctor tells you that the insurance company will not pay for the medical treatment that they have requested. That there is nothing that they can do and that you should probably just go … [Read more...]

Company Doctors in Texas Workers’ Comp Cases

Company doctors are one of the first medical providers that injured workers encounter after being hurt on the job. Employers lie to injured workers and tell them that they must treat with a company doctor. Employers tell injured workers that they have no choice. It is in the best interest of your employer to send you to the company doctor. However, it is not in your best interest to treat with the company doctor.Here is why:The Company Doctor Does Not Have Your Best Interest In MindCompany … [Read more...]

Wrongful Termination after Workers’ Comp Injury

Know your Rights under the Texas Worker's Compensation ActHave you been terminated after being injured on the job? Wrongful termination is illegal under the Texas Workers' Compensation Act. Call the Texas Workers Compensation Attorneys at the Abbott, Clay & Reed Law Firm today to hear how we will help you get your life back on track, for free.Employers are usually not very happy when an employee is injured on the job. Good employees are often looked down upon and treated badly after an … [Read more...]

Dealing With Adjusters in Texas Workers’ Compensation Cases

You have been injured on the job and have been to the doctor, received some initial medical treatment and have started receiving paperwork from the insurance company about your injuries. In this mountain of paperwork that will be mailed to you, the insurance company is going to inform you that an adjuster has been assigned to handle your claim. Many injured workers’ will read the paperwork and believe the information provided to them by the insurance carrier, that the adjuster is assigned to … [Read more...]

Trucking Laws in Texas


Trucking laws impose obligations on drivers of commercial motor vehicles. Trucking laws are set on the federal level that are applicable to most drivers on the roads (including drivers of long-haul vehicles, drivers of trucks moving goods in interstate commerce, and drivers of vehicles that transport passengers).  These laws are designed to encourage safety and ensure the risk of collisions is reduced.  A Houston truck accident lawyer can provide assistance to crash victims after accidents … [Read more...]

What are the Steps in a Court Action After an Injury?


After an injury, it is possible for a victim or surviving family members to file a civil lawsuit.  The civil litigation system aims to make victims whole if they can prove their tort case.  Victims have a limited period of time in which to file a lawsuit, which is referred to as the statute of limitations.  Victims also have the burden of proving their civil case to a judge or to a jury in order to be awarded monetary compensation for their damages.  If you are thinking about filing a lawsuit, … [Read more...]

What are the Different Kinds of Defective Product Liability Claims?


Any product can malfunction, from the car you drive to your child's high chair to the mp3 player you use to listen to music. When a product does not work for its intended purpose, or it causes you to suffer harm, you may be able to make a claim to recover compensation from its manufacturer.  There are different kinds of defective product liability claims you could become involved in. A Houston defective product lawyer at Abbott, Clay & Reed L.L.P. can provide you with assistance in … [Read more...]

How Do I Negotiate With a Trucking Company After an Accident?

truck copy 2

When a trucking crash occurs, the trucking company can be held legally responsible. This is true if the crash was caused because the company was negligent or because the driver it employs was negligent. A company is negligent if it does not follow industry best practices or exercise reasonable caution a hypothetical reasonable company would exercise (such as screening potential drivers for drugs).  A company is responsible for negligence of its employees because of agency rules stipulating a … [Read more...]