Is Truck Insurance Required by Federal Law?


The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is a federal agency that overseas the majority of commercial trucks in the United States. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs) apply to long-haul truckers, truck drivers whose jobs affect interstate commerce, and many common carriers who transport passengers.  When a trucking company, trucker, or passenger transport company is subject to federal regulations, there are myriad different rules that apply.  One of the most … [Read more...]

Medical Marijuana May Cost You Your Job

Brandon Coats worked for Dish Network at a customer service representative.  Chronically ill and bound to a wheelchair, he suffers from incurable quadriplegia, a painful and debilitating condition whose symptoms often include prolonged, painful muscle spasms.  Mr. Coats was prescribed medicinal marijuana by his treating doctor, which is a very common clinically-proven supplemental therapy which has been shown to increase the quality of life in quadriplegics with associated nerve and muscle pain. … [Read more...]

How Much Does it Cost to Talk With Houston Injury Lawyers?

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Victims involved in an accident have legal rights under the laws in Texas. Whether you were hurt because of medical malpractice, an accident at work, dangerous conditions on property, a collision, or many other kinds of accidents, it is important that you understand how to use the civil justice system to seek compensation.  Although Texas tort laws say you should be "made whole," or compensated in full for damages if someone is responsible for your injuries, actually pursuing legal action can be … [Read more...]

What Kinds of Compensation are Available in a Defective Product Claim?


Like in many types of personal injury claims, you are supposed to be "made whole" if you get hurt by a dangerous product. Whether you are injured by a drug, a medical device or any other product you use, you should be fully compensated for losses.  Likewise, if your kids are hurt by a toy or if your loved one is killed by a dangerous car or other defective product, you should be able to make a case and recover wrongful death damages.  Determining the kinds of compensation available in a … [Read more...]

Free Report: Texas Auto Accidents

Texas Auto Accidents

  Auto accidents are a leading cause of death, as well as a primary cause of serious injuries like spinal cord damage or traumatic brain injury. Auto accidents can cause thousands or even millions of dollars in losses due to medical expenditures, an inability to work, a reduction in future earnings, or the untimely death of a loved one who was contributing to dependents. Auto accidents can also cause additional immeasurable losses in the form of pain and suffering, emotional distress, … [Read more...]

Free Report: Why Do I Need A Texas Personal Injury Lawyer

Why Do I Need A Texas Personal Injury Lawyer

You need a personal injury lawyer after an accident to determine if you have an injury or wrongful death claim. You can take legal action if some person, government agency or company failed to fulfill an obligation and their failure was the direct cause of harm that you or someone you love experienced. This could mean taking legal action against a driver; a negligent doctor; a careless property owner; or the manufacturer of dangerous products. After many kinds of injuries, there are multiple … [Read more...]

Can I Sue if a Drug Causes Side Effects?


The Food and Drug Administration regulates pharmaceuticals that are released to the public. Drugs are tested for a specific purpose and are approved for sale only if they have been proven to be more beneficial than harmful. While many medications have some dangerous side effects, overall the drugs should provide a net health benefit for the patient.  In some cases, unfortunately, drugs come onto the marketplace that cause significant damage to a patient's well-being. It may be possible for you … [Read more...]

Are Expert Witnesses Necessary to Prove Fault In a Texas Truck Accidents: A Guide for Crash Victims

Are Expert Witnesses Necessary to Prove Fault In a Texas Truck Accidents: A Guide for Crash Victims from Bill AbbottVictims of a truck accident will need to pursue compensation through a negotiated settlement or personal injury / wrongful death litigation. The insurer must accept responsibility and admit its policyholder is to blame, or no settlement negotiations will occur. Learn more about Witnesses Necessary to Prove Fault In a Texas Truck Accidents in this presentation.   … [Read more...]

Free Report: How to Dispute The Insurance Carrier’s Decision In a Texas Workers’ Comp Case

How to Dispute The Insurance Carrier's Decision In a Texas Workers' Comp Case

When a dispute arises, you can ask for a benefit review conference (BRC). A BRC is held at a Division of Workers’ Compensation Office and the conference is presided over by a Benefit Review Officer who works for the Texas Department of Insurance. The meeting is an informal one attended by you and the insurance company to give you an opportunity to come to a resolution of a disagreement. A BRC can resolve a wide variety of different issues, including disputes over medical fees.Topics covered in … [Read more...]